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For the adult with an aging parent or spouse, it can be difficult to witness them struggling with their health, their strength, their balance and other issues that come with the natural process of aging. Your main concern is safety and well-being, and you begin to realize that your loved one might require some type of home services to support the activities of daily living.

A caregiver is someone who will assist the senior with whatever they need. This could include help getting out of bed, getting dressed in the morning, taking a shower, toileting, preparing meals, cleaning the house, doing laundry, and going to appointments or the store. Caregivers are welcome faces for these reasons; as well as companionship, conversation and sharing fun things that the senior enjoys like card games or attending church or social gatherings.

Most importantly, caregivers allow the individual to remain independent and continue to be respected.  This will allow balance to return to their life, as well as your own. The time you choose to spend with them will be better suited to enjoying the special things you both enjoy!

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Lead Care Specialist

Stacey Howe is the Lead Care Specialist for RX Family Home Care Services. Stacey has been a part of the RX Family Home Care Services for 4 years. She works with our current clients and caregivers to provide ongoing support and scheduling arrangements. Stacey goes above and beyond to all, including our potential clients to ensure they are fully informed of their care options and to find the perfect caregiver match for them.