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For millions of family caregivers, they often deal with the challenges that they face in silence. They try not to complain because they don’t want their elderly loved one to think they don’t care. They also may be worried about the expense of hiring a professional home care worker, but when it comes to caregiver stress, suffering in silence is one of the easiest ways to feel overwhelmed.

If it continues for too long, it can even lead to a lower quality of care for the patient. This is one of the things that a family caregiver tends to overlook. Even though they may be worn out and don’t seem to have enough time to get everything done during the day, they don’t believe that any of this caregiver stress impacts the quality of care that they provide. It does! There is a solution to this situation. That’s to hire Rx Family Home Care services.

The assistance that our professional, experienced home care specialists can provide is, oftentimes immeasurable. Having a professional to lighten the load can reduce that level of stress by providing a support network where one did not exist previously.

Call our St. Clair office today to learn more and breathe easier because of it. Even Superman needed to get some sleep!!



Julia Kiddle is the owner and operator of RX Family Home Care Services, LLC. Julia founded RX Family Home Care to better serve the senior & disabled community with a safer and more compassionate approach to client care after her personal experience with home care services for a loved one. Julia has over 20 years experience in Long Term Care Pharmacy and business management.