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Read What Our Customers Are Saying:

When my mom needed help we contacted Julia and her team. Mom passed about 7 months later and in that short time Julia and her team became more like family then home care providers. They cared for mom like she was their own. Hiring RX was the best decision and the easiest we made over those long months. I don't think we would have made it without them. Premium care with love and respect. Thank you so much.

-Joseph P.

Purely dedicated to provide the upmost best quality of care to their clients and exceptionally great with their employees. Phenomenal company! Highly recommend.

-Angie M.

“Where do i begin to thank you and the staff of wonderful people for the care and compassion Angie has been given? Hopefully by the Grace of God she will survive surgery and all the other obstacles following. I sing your people praise to all that will listen - knowing you and the other ladies are the best!”

-With Love, Bess

“Thank you so much for your kindness, it is truly appreciated. Nello clearly loved Julie, she was a God Send.”


“Thank you again for all your help and support over the past two months. We were extremely happy with the care we received for my mom. Renee was wonderful! She was great to have be with mom. Please share our gratitude with her.”

-Mary M

“Thank you so very much for the time you spent with me, today. I cannot tell you how it has altered my overwhelmed feelings of despair at just what to do. You are the only person I've talked to that had such a "directive", assuredness and knowledge! If you knew how your conversation altered my heavy concerns and "guilt" (unwarranted but expected and "norm" for those of us in "my" position)...I feel totally confident that you will partner with me, use your expertise and make recommendations that will direct me through the maze of 'what-to-do's". I feel grateful and trust your guidance into the future of this incredibly difficult venture with my Mother. I want to meet you when I am in Michigan at the end of the month. I will have a "soft" discussion with my Mother and decide which is best ... to be there or not when you or your Caregiver comes to meet with her. Again, Julia... Thank you! Look for something very good to come to you for what you gave me. God is watching.”


“We just want to know how much we appreciate your thoughtfulness. Thank you!”

-Richmond Township Seniors

“Thank you for being the great boss you are and giving me time to heal. It means a lot to me to have you there when I needed you most.”


“Your special ways and generous heart make a beautiful difference. Thank you so much!”

-Nancy, Julie and Family

“I first called RX Family Home Care Services when I had to be gone for a week. I was concerned because my mom was 90 and couldn't make the trip to Kentucky. Julia assured me that Susan could be there all 7 days. I didn't have to worry about different people or too many people coming in to take care of her. She could get confused at times and I didn't want too many people coming in and out of my house.

Susan is a very good caregiver, she got mom out of bed, bathed her and dressed her. She made the meals that I left for her to fix, she did the laundry and kept my house as clean as I left it. I called each day to talk to mom and check in and Susan always made me feel good.

I use RX Family on a regular basis. We now have two Grannies living with us and Julia the owner always makes sure Susan is available for us and we have become good friends in the process. Julia is very good. She knows her employees and places them where she feels they will be the best fit. I have talked to other agencies and they cannot promise me the same person, especially when I was gone for a week. I was told they would have to have different people in there every 6-8 hours, that's too confusing to older people and I didn't want that many people in and out of my house.

I have provided patient care in hospitals, nursing facilities and home care for 30 years and recognize quality care. RX Family Home Care is a place with people you can call family.”

-Carolyn F.


Lead Care Specialist

Stacey Howe is the Lead Care Specialist for RX Family Home Care Services. Stacey has been a part of the RX Family Home Care Services for 4 years. She works with our current clients and caregivers to provide ongoing support and scheduling arrangements. Stacey goes above and beyond to all, including our potential clients to ensure they are fully informed of their care options and to find the perfect caregiver match for them.